Client and Partner Gifting

How much I can spend?

When selecting a gift please reference your gift recipient’s tier in Company Hub and follow Greiner’s best practices for investing in your contacts.

Tier 1 – up to $200

Tier 2 – up to $100

Tier 3 – up to $25


Can I combine different products to create a gift package of my own?

Yes. You can used suggested gift combinations (under the options section on each page) or create your own gift package. You know your recipient best.


How do I order multiple gifts for different recipients?

For each recipient you need to place an individual order. An order may have multiple products as long as they are all going to the same recipient.


When will the gift ship?

Each product has its own lead time based on the nature of the product. Please refer to the product page. If you have created your own gift package all products will be shipped together, estimate shipping time using the product with the longest lead time.


How will I know when my gift has shipped?

When your product has shipped you will receive an email with the tracking number for the shipment.


Who should I contact with questions or technical issues?

Catie Wheeler or Rose Griggs


Apparel Purchases

Can I combine an apparel and gift order?

No. Apparel orders require payment with a credit card when the order is placed. Gift orders require a job number and are billed to marketing monthly.


When will my apparel arrive?

All apparel orders placed during a month (from the 1st of the month to the last business day of that month) will be processed on the last business day of the month. Your apparel order will arrive at Greiner offices approximate the third week of the next month.


How will I know when my apparel has arrived at Greiner offices?

Apparel orders will be shipped to the marketing team. The marketing team will advise when your apparel has arrived at the office.


Who should I contact with questions or technical issues?

Catie Wheeler or Rose Griggs


Employee Recognition

This section of the website is password protected and designed for those responsible for internal employee recognition. If you believe you need to use this section of the web portal please contact Human Resources.